Appachi Cotton

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With Appachi Cotton, for once we were not looking at the amazing brands and the big ideas that are changing our world but were looking at where these big ideas start – from an interaction between the client and the agency. A 70-year-old cotton heritage brand is now the producer of world’s finest and longest cotton fiber, branded as Suvin. We at Tungsten designed and conceptualized the branding collateral for the unveiling of Suvin at the International Cotton Trade Festival. We wanted to use this brand as an opportunity to tell a story of authenticity, not just based on its history, but specifically through the product’s characteristics, how it is sourced, ginned and perfected to be the world’s finest. The design work included the packaging design for ‘SUVINIR’ – (an intended pun combining the term souvenir with Suvin), which was handed to guests at the exhibit. The pack included a vintage map of the Caribbean, which hid beneath it a tuft of Suvin cotton, a DIY staple length measurer as well as an etched history of the story of the brand and company.

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