To cut to the chase, Pravin came back home from an inspiring Sunday Church service in Chennai and made a brief phone call to Keerthana pitching a random idea to start their own ad agency. It’s been Keerthana’s long-term dream and she immediately responded with the name, that she came up with during a college assignment. Ting! God blessed, Parents agreed, friends supported, our minds connected, the spark was lit, the bulb glowed and “Tungsten” has been shining bright ever since, illuminating creative ideas and building sustainable brands for over 4 years now!

Keerthana Balaji, Pravin Shanmughanandam, Rohit Kalingarayar, Divakar K.S, Team, Tungsten, Ad Agency, Creative Agency, Pollachi, Coimbatore

Pravin Shanmughanandam
Business Custodian

Keerthana Balaji
Creative Head

Rohit Kalingarayar
Senior Photographer

Divakar KS